Atelier Guateque is:

- Believer and Nihilist -

- Coltrane and espresso in the sunset -

- Modernist Devotion -

- Pragmatic, eclectic and metamorphic -

- Utopian Lover -

- Passion and Raw Creativity -

- Heritage and Timeless Classic -

- Elegance and Sophistication -

- Bucolic and Cosmopolitan -

- Polyhedral Performance -



At Atelier Guateque we redefine classic materials through unique themes and shapes.
Our method is based on three pillars; lasting and considered design, local production and quality of finishings.
Our leitmotiv is to give our customers objects and atmospheres with a transgressive aesthetics.

We understand design like a canal through which we provide solutions, we are honest and treat each project and client with the respect it deserves.